New to Our Worship Service

If you have not worshipped with us before, rest assured you are most welcome. We have compiled some information to put you at ease.

  • Worship service begins at 10am. We have prelude music first so don't worry that you are late just because you hear music playing. 
  • Our organist can program the organ to play by itself.
  • Our Deacons are available to answer any questions you may have. They will be wearing identification tags.
  • We do stream our service live, so if you prefer not to be on camera for any reason, please sit near the back.
  • Parking can be found in our own lot on Academy Street, or at the DL Calarco Funeral Home (accessible from Keyes Avenue and come through the gate). You may also park directly across Washington Street at Community Bank. Please do not park at the Carriage House Best Western, as they reserve their lots for their guests only. For Christmas Eve and Easter, you may park in the NYS Dulles office building garage if the doors are open. 
  • We have a fully staffed nursery located in our Christian education building. Access this by using the handicapped entrance ramp off the parking lot. If you prefer to keep your infant with you and they become restless during the service, we have a baby room off from our narthex. There you will find a rocking chair and a changing table.
  • We don't point out newcomers by making you stand or wear a name tag. We do ask that you fill out the "Welcome" card found in the pew and place it in the offering plate when it is passed during the latter portion of the service. 
  • We have hearing assistance devices available in either the narthex or at the Academy Street entrance.
  • We serve Communion on the first Sunday of each month. Generally the elements are brought to the pews by servers and the whole congregation partakes together, first the bread and then the grape juice. Our recipe is not gluten-free. During the summer months, we often serve by intinction, where the congregation forms a line, tears a piece of bread from a communal loaf and dips it in the chalice, then partakes of both elements at once as they return to their seats. If you are unable to easily walk to receive the elements, they can be brought to your pew.
  • Everyone is welcome to join us in fellowship hall for a time of refreshments and conversation immediately following our service at approximately 11am. We truly hope you will stay and allow us to get to know you better.

Attending a Meeting or Event

First Pres can be a busy place and a little intimidating to know where to go. If you were told the event is in Fellowship Hall, this is accessed by the glass door from our parking lot. Smaller meetings are usually in our Christian education building which is accessed from the handicapped ramp entrance off the parking lot. This is where the Trillium Music School is housed. Some larger concerts will be held on the sanctuary. This can be reached either through Fellowship Hall or via the front (narthex) entrance on Washington Street. Some events will have access to the parking garage.

In Need Of Prayer?

Contact the church office to access the confidential power of prayer, whether for joys or concerns.

Fill out our contact form or contact our staff.

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