We have been blessed

We are a community of faith that has been richly blessed, including an endowment from members with great foresight. We have funds dedicated to preserving our building and to further our mission projects, both locally and abroad. However, we still need faithful giving from our members to cover staff salaries, and pay our other bills. Each fall we embark on a campaign of stewardship of the blessings we have received from God and how those resources can best serve His kingdom on Earth.

2017-2018 Stewardship campaign

  • "Here I Am, Lord" is our 2017-2018 campaign theme
  • The campaign runs from October to November
  • Members are being asked to increase their giving by 5%
  • Please consider also pledging to cover the annual apportionment fee of $21 per family member that our church pays to help fund the programs and mission of our denomination, the PCUSA.

Endowment Gifts

If you wish to remember First Presbyterian in your will, or to celebrate the passing of one of our members, your gifts can be directed in various ways.

  • Memorial fund - used for beautification projects at the church, or as other needs arise.
  • Unrestricted endowment - funds are added to the church endowment and drawn upon to support the life of the congregation without restriction
  • Mission funds - used strictly to further the mission project of the church, and can be directed to youth, local or foreign missions
  • Building funds - used strictly for maintenance of the building and grounds

Donate Online

We are able to accept your pledges or donations to special projects online through Paypal. Please be sure to note during the checkout process where you would like your funds used - pledge, a particular fund or project.


Link to Paypal - the safer, easier way to pay