At First Presbyterian we have been blessed. Therefore, we have a philosophy of giving back to our community through supporting non-profits and the arts by providing meeting and rehearsal space. Here is a list of the groups currently utilizing our space to further their mission.

Recovery Groups

  • Alcoholics Anonymous First Group - Saturday 8:00pm - Room 10
  • AL Anon - Tuesday 7:30pm - Lounge
  • Gamblers Anonymous - Wednesday 6:00pm - Room 10
  • Gam Anon - Wednesday 6:00pm - Room 8

Non-denominational Religious

  • Special Religious Education - Those with development disabilities are taught to love the Lord. Tuesday 6:30pm Chapel, Room 10 and Room 14
  • Stonecroft Ministries - Tuesday 9:30am - Room 10
  • Women's Connection - Thursday mornings - Room 10
  • Charismatic Presbyterian Church (African Diaspora) - Fridays 8-9pm and Sundays 9:30-11am - Chapel

Music Groups

  • Northern Choral Society - Community chorus rehearsals, Sundays 2pm Fellowship Hall (Sept & Oct)
  • Trillium Music School - instruction in piano and string instruments
  • Molto Brass quintet
  • Watertown Musicales
  • Orchestra of Northern NY (concert space only)

Other Non Profits

  • Rotary board of directors meetings
  • American Red Cross blood drives
  • Literacy Volunteers English as a Second Language Club
  • North Country Quilting Guild - last Tuesday of the month 6pm - Fellowship Hall
  • YMCA babysitting classes, quarterly